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Shriners International Orak Shrine, Michigan City Indiana
Our Cornerstone ...it's not made of stone.
Our Philosophy No Man stands taller than when he stoops to help a child.
Our Pride Men, Nobles, Masons
Generations Fathers, Sons, Sons of Sons, Nobles.
Unity A true band of Brothers.
100 Years & Counting Having Fun - Helping Kids.
A Symbol of Distinction A symbol of a Noble of the Shrine.


Potentate's Office

Olivia and I are honored to have earned your trust as your Potentate and First lady for 2015. We have a great year scheduled for you, with our circus theme.

Yours In Faith


Illustrious Potentate, Orak Shrine


Potentate Mitchell Lady OliviaWelcome to Orak Shrine - Michigan City

With 2015 we are launching an all new website.  We have redesigned the entire site and added new features of social media; plus new navigation and a friendlier user experience.  We will now take advantage of social media including Twitter, FaceBook, Google+ and LinkedIN.  We are making this push into social media to help spread the word about us and help to get our events and appearances out to the general public.
Please feel free to follow us on each of the social media outlets and use hashtags and tweets to post to our pages.
If you have suggestions for the website please contact us.
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