We March So Children can Walk
Shriners International Orak Shrine, Michigan City Indiana
Our Cornerstone ...it's not made of stone.
Our Philosophy No Man stands taller than when he stoops to help a child.
Our Pride Men, Nobles, Masons
Generations Fathers, Sons, Sons of Sons, Nobles.
Unity A true band of Brothers.
100 Years & Counting Having Fun - Helping Kids.
A Symbol of Distinction A symbol of a Noble of the Shrine.

Potentate Mitchell Lady OliviaPotesPinfor2015Potentate's November Message

It all happens at Orak

It’s going fast; our Chief Rabban has been working hard to have a fun filled year for you.

October was a great month at Orak. AWALIM Court 9 of Ladies Oriental Shrine, hosted there annual Fundraiser at Andorra Banquets.

Orak Arab Patrol hosted their annual Chili Cook Off and Trunk R Treat at Orak.


• On the 7th, Orak will have a Ceremonial. Nobles we need members.

• On the 8th, Our new Nobles and Ladies will be going to our Shrine Hospital unit at Chicago for a private tour. (Cancelled)

• On the 9th, Stated Meeting.

• On the 12th, Shriners Hospital for Children Chicago will hold a 90th Gala Anniversary Celebration.


  • Thursday  3, 4, 5, 6.   “Hammond Orak Shrine Circus" Nobles please come out and bring your lady, we sure could use you help.
  • Sunday the 13th, “Oraks Lost Loves” outing to Towle Theater  for a play “Fabulous 50s” then to Paul Henry’s Art Gallery. Please see the flyer on the website for information.
  • Monday the 14th, Stated Meeting.          
  • Sunday 20.   “Children’s Christmas Party" - Please see the flyer on the website for information.

As always keep in your prayers the children of Orak and of our Shriners Hospitals. Our Mission “Love to The Rescue”. Our love and prayers go to the families and friends of our nobles who are recovering from an illness or injury or with the Great Architect of the Universe.



May all of your days be circus days.

Yours In Faith.

Scotty & Olivia

People of Orak

What now is the basis of our hope? What is the reason of our belief? A faith that we hold in common, in common as we stand hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder in the mist of the living world of today.

Our hope, belief, and faith is that, the best crop of any oasis consists of it's men and women, the best things produced by any oasis are the people on it.

The most valuable asset of Orak Shrine is not human wealth, but human beings. The mightiest of material things vanish from sight in an hour, but humanity lives.

The greatest of all great things that an oasis can grow are great men, not great men in mere intellect, not men great in mere mechanic skill, not men great in the possession of mere knowledge, but men who are great in having large hearts and kind natures.

For the fruits of the Oasis of Orak, is a desire fit our talents for human service. So look to the left, look to the right, behold the key to the future of Orak, hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder the heart beat of the Oasis of Orak, The People, Brothers and Sisters, past, present, and future.

Anonymous Orak Noble


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