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dale_morganDear Nobles and Ladies,

Sorry for the late update, but our Orak Shrine Center has been very busy.

On March 12, many Orak Divan members and I attended the Ladies’ Oriental Shrine, Awailm Court #9, officer installation. The new High Priestess, Kelly Tiffany, along with outgoing High Priestess, Jackie Senzig, greeted Orak with open arms. It was truly an enjoyable event.

Later that same day Orak went Irish. The Irish Children Dancers from Mayer’s School of Dancing, once again, gave a stellar performance. The traditional American/Irish dinner of corned beef and cabbage was delicious. Everyone had a great time!

On March 19th, I was given the opportunity to speak on behalf of Orak at a Lenten breakfast hosted by Griffith Lodge. I gave a brief history about how the Shriners were developed and where we are today. Noble Joe Kish and his crew provided us with quite a meal. Thank you, Joe, for allowing me the time to raise awareness of our philanthropy.

april potentate message2

The Daughters of the Nile invited the Orak Divan to attend a dinner date held on March 23rd with their visiting leader Supreme Queen Sharon K. St John. It was an honor and a pleasure to be included in this event. I learned that the Daughters of the Nile are the second largest contributor to our hospitals. Supreme Queen Sharon shared the story of her journey and the highlights of her year. The Daughters of the Nile are in very good hands; Supreme Queen Sharon is a very gracious person.

The Easter Bunny returned to Orak sharing hugs, photos and food. Big thanks to Scott & Judy Hady for locating her. The children had a great time and enjoyed her enthusiasm.

Orak’s annual Ball was a great success. I wish to extend a special thanks to Rick and Nelda Valle, Robert Gaskill and Bonita Wilson, and Dave and Cathy Moss for their hard work and commitment to every detail. My Lady, Sheila, is certainly smiling knowing her plans became reality. My escort for the evening, Princess Kara, was the hit of the ball in my eyes. She had been preparing for the event for months and was not fazed by the crowd.

I am pleased to say that the onion order has been placed with an increase of 18% over last year. Nice job, Carl.

Our webmaster, Ron Garrison, has implemented some changes and updates on the Orak website. Ron continues his hard work making improvements to make our site easier to navigate and user-friendly. Thanks, Ron, for your commitment.

Our Parade Marshal, Joe Villarreal, is putting together information regarding parade opportunities. We should be receiving updates throughout the parade season.

Lastly, we still have Nobles who have not paid there 2016 dues. Please do so ASAP.

Thanks Nobles and Ladies for your support of Orak Shrine Center.

Dale T. Morgan


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