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Potentate’s Message for June/July 2016

June was a busy month for ORAK Shrine with a series of events and a special election.

First, June 5 was Hospital Day in which Nobles and family had an opportunity to visit the Chicago Hospital. There were many activities available at the hospital facility and surrounding grounds.

Next, June 12 was ORAK’s Veterans Appreciation Dinner which featured a fine meal and a guest speaker. Each branch of the United States uniformed services was individually recognized.

On June 13 we held a special election as part of our regular stated meeting. Due to the untimely death of ORAK’s Potentate, Ill Sir Dale Morgan, a special election was held to vote and install a new Potentate.  New Divan officers were then elected and installed to fill the vacancies as a result of the Chief Rabban being elected as Potentate.

On June 18 the Potentates Golf Outing raised funds that were donated for the operation of our Temple.

ORAK will be represented at the Imperial Session in Tampa, Florida from July 2-7, 2016. The primary purpose is to attend Imperial sessions in which matters affecting changes to Shrine rules, laws, and regulations are voted upon.  Nobles, family, and guests will also have an opportunity to participate in social activities during their stay in Tampa.

A Poker Run event will take place on July 23.

Robert York
Potentate of ORAK Shrine


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