Orak Shrine Units

Units exist within the Shrine to allow Shriners to have more activities to get involved in.

Each of these units serves a different purpose and all have many things to offer.

Please visit each of their webpages and see what they do by clicking on their logo.

Arab Patrol

The Arab Patrol is Orak Shrine's proud marching unit! We are the oldest unit at Orak; our Patrol was founded in 1910. The Arab Patrol participates in many local parades throughout the year. We also display our marching skills in both competitive and non-competitive drill performances. During these parades and drill routines we execute a variety of marching maneuvers to both please the crowd and, of course, to have a good time! As a unit, the Patrol also hosts several non-marching related events throughout the year. During these events, we look forward to one thing. Good, old-fashioned family fun!

Arab Patrol Web Page

Clown Unit

The clowns need little explanation as to their function. This group keeps busy throughout the year performing for many groups and organizations. Their biggest joy comes from entertaining the children during the circus. You will see them all over the Coliseum entertaining young and old alike. They do enjoy putting on the grease paint and doing their thing.

Clown Unit Web Page

Hospital Transportation

The Hospital Unit is the group most responsible for transporting children to and from the hospital. Most of the van drivers are a part of this unit. Their focus is the transportation of the children.

Hospital Transportation Web Page

Legion of Honor

The Orak Shrine Legion of Honor, Shriners International is organized for the purpose of Fostering a spirit of Patriotism and a Love of Country and Flag, Perpetuating the memory of our Comrades in Arms who died in the service of their country and to unite more closely former Comrades in Arms in the continuing service of God and Country, Masonry and Shrinedom.

Legion of Honor Web Page

Motor Patrol

The Orak Motor Patrol is the Motorized Parade Unit of Orak Shriners. The Motor Patrol includes the motorcycle drill team and Motorcycle parade team, mini cars, flying carpets, classic cars, mini choppers, mini semis and pretty much anything else we can fit wheels and a motor onto. The Motor Patrol participates in parades across NW Indiana where we perform precision maneuvers on our Motorcycles and mini cars.

Motor Patrol Web Page

Oriental Band

To promote Orak Shrine, support our hospitals entertain the crowds during parades and have great fun and fellowship with our members.

Oriental Band Web Page

Pipes & Drums

Club meets to practice our musical instruments in fraternal fellowship. We raise monies to promote the Shrine Childrens Hospitals and the Orak Shrine.

Pipes & Drums Web Page

Ritual Cast

The Ritual Cast is a service and social unit that perform the Ritualistic Section of the Ceremonials. They meet 7 out of 12 months of the year for business meetings and practices. They also attend circus's, and other social functions.

Ritual Cast Web Page

Temple Guard

The Temple Guard leads the participates in parades. The Unit also guards the doors and checks dues cards at the Ceremonials and assist at all the Shriners Auditorium events.

Temple Guard Web Page