Public Relations

Request for Publicity

Please Note: You must submit your event at least 3 weeks in advance.

The entire public relations process needs to be explained and detailed so that everyone understands what goes into posting an event. 

We came up with this form to assist you in getting your details out while still allowing for us to complete the request.

Please Note: You must submit your event at least 3 weeks in advance.

Each event takes and average of 3 hours of work to complete.

  1. Online Form: A Noble or Unit submits a request for Publicity, this can be an outing, event raffle whatever the case may be.
  2. The results from the form are emailed to the Public Relations office. Information verified then forward the email to the Potentates office for his approval
  3. The Potentate can do the following:
    1. Approve and send to me to distribute
    2. Request revisions be made from the submitter
    3. Deny the request
  4. Graphic Creation (15 to 30 minutes)
    1. Depending on complexity the website, flyer, Facebook and all public calendars require a graphic.
    2. Also note each graphic has different size limitations
  5. Flyer (30-45 minutes)
    1. Each flyer has to be created in Microsoft Word then converted to Adobe so All users can use it
  6. Website (45 minutes)
    1. Create the page/article
    2. Attach the graphic and text
    3. Create a payment form if payments will be accepted online
    4. Attach the flyer to the Page
    5. Attach the payment form to the page
  7. Create the event in the Google Calendar
    1. Email Blast (30-45 minutes)
    2. Create the Email Blast
    3. Copy the blast 1 for Nobles and 1 for Ladies if required
    4. Make a copy and schedule for each time they want the blast to be sent out
  8. Facebook (45 minutes)
    1. Create the Facebook post
    2. Share the Post to Orak Group Page
    3. Share the Post to the Orak Motor Patrol Group
    4. Share the Post to the Arab Patrol Group
    5. Create the Facebook Event
    6. Invite Nobles to the Facebook event
    7. Share the Event to the Orak Facebook Group
    8. Share the event to the Orak Motor Patrol Group
    9. Share the event to the Orak Arab Patrol Group
  9. Public Communication (1 hour)
    4. Hearldangus
    5. Indiana 105.5