It is an honor and a privilege to serve as your Potentate of Orak Shrine for the year 2024. I look forward to serving and will do so with the utmost respect and dignity. We, as Nobles of Orak Shrine, commit ourselves to representing Orak in all of the great work we do, for the children our philanthropy reaches.

Shriners Hospital has been helping children and their families throughout the world for over 100 years, treating over 1.5 million children. They remain committed to continuing the research vital to improving pediatric treatments and care, provided by expert physicians and nurses who share our mission. The children and their families remain the reason why we do what we do.

One of our goals is to increase membership and membership participation this year by focusing on events for our membership as well as our friends and families, such as: Potentate’s Outgoing Party, St. Patrick’s Day Party, Breakfast with the Easter Bunny, Cinco de Mayo Party, Touch-a-Truck, Veteran’s Dinner, and Trunk-0-Treat.

Another important goal is to increase our fundraising revenue with our fundraising efforts, including: Comedy Night, Shriner’s Onions, Ladies Tea, Grinder’s (old-time Baseball) game, Hog Roast, Sportsman’s Raffle, and Shrine Circus.

Orak will host a Spring and Fall Ceremonial at the Temple, to Fez and welcome all new Nobles into our great Fraternity. As Potentate, I will represent Orak at the GLSA sessions in Fort Wayne, IN and at Imperial session in Reno, NV.

The 2024 Potentate’s Ball will be a Black-Tie affair at the Blue-Chip Casino. It will be a classy, fun and exciting evening for all who attend. Prior to the Ball, in April, Orak will be hosting a gaming night at the Temple, and a Texas Hold-Em tournament where the winner will receive two tickets and a one nights hotel stay for the Ball.

I am looking forward to working with all or Orak’s wonderful units and clubs, in support of their individual missions and, together on the overall mission of the Temple.

A special thank you, in advance, is owed for the continued support of the Ladies of Orak. They are essential to our success, and we appreciate everything they do.

While attending your Blue Lodge meetings this year, I ask that you spread the word of what it means to Be a Shriner and encourage each to join the world’s great philanthropic organization while continuing their Masonic journey.

If you haven’t been to Orak in a while, I welcome you to come to a stated meeting or one of the many events scheduled this year to support, not only myself as Potentate, but our whole Shrine as we strive to strengthen our Temple and better our community. Please see the calendar on our website and be sure to mark yours. Also, check out our Facebook and Instagram pages, both listed as orak_shrine.

Having fun while helping kids,

James A. Iles II, Potentate 2024